1 Introduction

Page One – Simple Vcard Resume WordPress Theme is responsive vcard wp theme to show your resume and portfolio template online. It’s design slick to make your resume online beautifull. Just download it and modify as you need to show your friends and potential customers. It use custom post to save items and support blog feature.

How To Use Documentation

This help documentation is created specially and is very easy to follow. The whole theme has been categorized in various sections so that it is easy for you to understand of which code is used for any particular section. The left sidebar navigation in this help documentation includes all the names of the various sections of this theme/vcard and the right scrollable section shows you the detailed description of any particular section that you choose.


2 Installation

Install Using WordPress Admin
  1. Go to your wordpress admin panel just like http://www.domain.com/wp-admin then login
  2. Clik Appearance -> Themes
  3. Click Install Theme -> Upload
  4. Click Browse and Find your pageone_wptheme.zip
  5. After that click install
  6. Just activate plugins which are required
install   plugin   plugin_install This theme use plugin for custom post . So you need to install them too .Here are plugins which i use :
  • VafPress Framework Plugin for Metabox
  • ReduxFramework for Option Panel
  • WA Custom Post for Custom Post
  • Regenerate Thumbnails


3 How To Use

After you install theme and plugin. You can start use by click Options in the wordpress admin panel. option


3.1 General Setting

In General Setting you can fill field
  • Your Name : Name which will be shown in header
  • Your Profession : Profession which will be shown in header
  • General Layout Manager : Block which will be shown. Just put in enable if you want the block is shown
  • Show First Menu : It mean tho hide first menu (I recommend it to use if the block is more than 4)


3.2 Home Setting



3.3 Resume Setting


How To Add Resume

  • Click WA Resume -> Add New
  • Fill the title. Example : EDUCATION
  • Fill the Sub Title. Example : LINE OF MY
  • Choose the Icon
  • Fill Resume Items
    • Fill the From Year. Example : 2004
    • Fill the To Year. Example : 2007
    • Fill the Organization Name. Example : Senior High School
    • Fill the Organization Position. Example : Student
    • Fill the Your Experience Story. Example : I study in here for 3 years.
    • Click Add More Resume Items if you want to add more items.
  • Click Publish

How To Add Client

  • Click WA Client -> Add New
  • Fill the Title. Example : CLIENT
  • Fill the Sub Title. Example : LIST OF MY
  • Choose the Icon
  • Fill Client Item Group
    • Fill the Client Date. Example : 2004-12-04
    • Fill the Client Name. Example : WPAmaNuke Inc
    • Fill the Client URL. Example : http://wpamanuke.com
    • Upload Image for Client Logo (size 147x35)
    • Fill the Content
    • Click Add More Client Item Group to add more items
  • Click Publish

How To Add Skill

  •  Click WA Skill -> Add New
  • Fill the Title. Example : DESIGN SKILLS
  • Fill the Sub Title. Example : BEST OF MY
  • Choos the Icon
  • Fill Skill Name
    • Fill the Skill Name. Example : Adobe Photosop
    • Fill the Percentage . Example : 80
    • Fill the Skill Description. Example : Expert
    • Click Add More Skill Item to add more items
  • Click Publish

How To Add Award

  •  Click WA Award -> Add New
  • Fill the Title. Example : AWARDS
  • Fill the Sub Title. Example : LIST OF MY
  • Choose the Icon
  • Fill Award Items
    • Fill the Award Name. Example : AWARD ONE
    • Fill the Company who give Award. Example : WPAMANUKE INC
    • Fill the Award Description . Example : I get the award at 20013. When still in senior high school
    • Click Add More if you need more items
  • Click Publish


3.4 Blog Setting

Create Blog Page

  • Click Pages -> Add New
  • Fill the Title. Example : Blog
  • On the right. Choose Template : Template Blog
  • Click Publish

Setting Blog Page

  • Click Options -> Blog Settings
  • Choose Select Blog Page
  • Just select  Blog


3.5 Portfolio Setting

Add Portfolio

  • Click WA Portfolio -> Add New Portfolio
  • Fill the Title. Example : Portfolio 1
  • Click Set Feature Image and Upload Picture which you want
  • In the Portfolio Data Group just fill which you want. If you choose Portfolio Type : Standard then you must fill the content

Setting Portfolio

  • Click Options -> Portfolio Settings
  • Porfolio Image Size i give 3 options. Mix , big and small. Mix mean combination of big and small.


3.6 Contact Setting

Add Contact Info in Sidebar

  • Click WA Contact Info -> Add New Item
  • Fill the title. Example : OFFICE
  • Fill the SUB TITLE. Example : OUR NEW
  • Choose the icon
  • Fill Contact Info Items
    • Fill the Contact Info Label. Example : Name
    • Fill the Contact Info Value. Example : WPAmaNuke
    • Click Add More Contact Info Items to add more items
  • Click Publish

Setting Contact

  • Click Options -> Contact Settings
  • I think which need to be explained about Google Map Url
  • Go to maps.google.com
  • Find your address, For example Houston, TX, United States
  • There are 2 icons right of My Places : icon print and icon link
  • Click the icon Link
  • Copy the field <iframe width=”blablabla>.... to notepad
  • In the iframe there is src="https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Houston,+TX,+United+States&aq=2&oq=h&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,86.572266&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Houston,+Harris,+Texas&t=m&z=9&ll=29.760193,-95.36939&output=embed"
  • Just copy : https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Houston,+TX,+United+States&aq=2&oq=h&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=35.136115,86.572266&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Houston,+Harris,+Texas&t=m&z=9&ll=29.760193,-95.36939&output=embed
  • Just input in your Google Map URL field


3.7 Footer Setting

Add Social Networking

  • Click Options -> Footer Setting
  • Click Add Social Network
    • Fill Text. Example : Twitter
    • Fill Social Network Type. Example : Twitter
    • Fill Social Network URL. Example : http://www.twitter.com/wpamanuke
    • Click Add Social Network to add more


3.8 Widget


To use twitter widget you must get twitter api key. Here is the way :
  • Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps and create a new application
  • Choose your new app from the list
  • Under the Details tab you can see your Consumer key and Consumer secret. Copy these into consumerKey and consumerSecret
  • At the bottom of the page, click "Create my access token" under the "Your access token" heading. This will generate and Access token and Access token secret. Copy these into accessToken and accessTokenSecret
  • Just fill your twitter username to twitter_username


Just upload the PDF file from Media -> Add New
After you upload PDF File ..
Just copy the url from
Media -> Library in that list there is name file which you have upload ..
Just click edit .. and in the right there is File Url ..
Just copy the file url ...
For using the Download Resume , you must using widget .
Here is how to use it :
1. Go to Appereance -> Widgets
2. Just select WA Download CV
3. Fill Download CV Label: DOWNLOAD RESUME
and Download CV URL : with File Url
Don't forget to add Widget WA Skills and WA Awards to show skills and awards in widget ..


4 Credits

PHP Credits : JQuery :